For the 7th summer in a row Gliss Summer Camp will be the home for many skaters from all over the world, coming from as far as Turkey, Canada and Japan.

The workouts take place at Škoda Ice Rink that has two full-sized hockey ice rinks. Skating, choreography and gym are located in the same building, which makes the training for skaters very convenient.

The Camp includes diverse set of trainings, which focuses on both technical skills and improving whole-body muscle balance.

If You feel that some of the above mentioned skills need to be fixed or improved, then this camp is for You!


2 on-ice practices per day
2 off-ice practices per day
Possibility to take at least one private lesson per day
NB! Private lessons are subject for extra fee
Sundays are days off
2 on-ice practices per day
1 off-ice practices per day
1 week Program for adult skaters at any level
Sundays are days off
2 on-ice practices per day
2 off-ice practices per day
1 week Program for hobby class and beginningers
Sundays are days off

Camp fee

Camp fee for athletes includes 2 on-ice and 2 off-ice trainings per day, accommodation, shuttle bus and 3 meals per day.

Camp fee for adults includes 2 on-ice and 1 off-ice training per day.

Camp fee for hobby class includes 2 on-ice and 2 off-ice training per day.

Massage and physical therapy (kinesiotaping etc.) services are available during camp for additional fee.


For information about camp fee, please contact Katri Pargi !



Tiiu Valgemäe


She is a manifold Champion of Estonia. Graduated from Minsk Institute of Exercise and Sports Sciences. She has been working as an instructor in a number of international figure skating camps. She took part in Albertville Olympic Games as the coach of Olga Vassiljeva. She is coaching among others, Estonian National Champion 2015, Gerli Liinamäe and Estonian National Champion 2016, Daniil Žurav. She is well know for her spin techniques.


    Marina Kudriavtseva


    She has been working and coaching in a number of international figure skating camps in the US and all over Europe. Her students are Junior World Champion Igor Pashkevitch, Austrian Champion Julia Lautova and Australian Champion Anthony Liu.


      Gary Beacom

      Steps, skating skills

      Gary Beacom is a Canadian figure skater, who is still continuing figure skating training after half of century of competitions, professional performances, Gary Beacom Blade Master Seminars and figure skating equipment and services. He is the 1983 and 1984 Canadian silver medalist and finished 11th at the 1984 Winter Olympics.His trainings cover basic skating skills, footwork, turns - technique and innovations, transition ideas, difficult entries and exits into and out of spins and jumps, musicality, posture and presentation.


        Andrei Tšuviljajev


        He graduated from Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health. He has participated in European and World Championships and won gold twice at the Universiade Championships. He uses the Pro-Motion Jumping Harness at his private lessons and is called the "Fish-man" at Gliss Summer Camp.


          Elena Muhhina


          She is the Estonian Champion of Junior category in 2002, Estonian Champion in 2006. Since 2010, she has been performing in various ice shows worldwide as a principle skater and collaborating with different companies based in France, Italy, Mexico, Russia and USA. She has been coaching since 2011 in Tiiu Valgemäe Skating School and also taking part in Tiiu Valgemäe International Skating Camps in Estonia, collaborating and getting experience from well- known colleague coaches.


            Galina Jonas


            She is a former artistic gymnast. She claimed silver in the European Championships in 1979-1980 and is a manifold champion of international tournaments in individual and team category. Her trainings build strength, improve coordination, flexibility and develop control in the whole body.


              Kadri Kõiva

              Yoga and Pilates

              She is a Pilates and Yoga trainer with a figure skating background. She has over a decade long working experience in the biggest sport clubs of Tallinn and a 2,5 years work experience in France. Her workshops for the skaters include a combination of Yoga and Pilates exercises that strengthen all the major muscle groups as well as core muscles, improve balance, flexibility and concentration.


                Signe Valgemäe

                Posture workout

                She is a physical therapist and personal trainer, mainly specialised in body posture training. She has worked as the off-ice coach for figure skaters and the Estonian National Sledge Hockey team. The main goal of her training is to correct and improve posture, as good posture permits the body to function most efficiently. Good body alignment helps to prevent athletes from injuries by keeping a body in harmony and balance.


                  Kristel Ojasaar

                  Adult skating

                  Kristel is Estonian champion in junior and senior category. She has been coached by Tiiu Valgemäe and has worked in her skating school since 2011.
                  Kristel has big experience working with adult skaters. She has also competed at international level as adult skater, winning gold medal at annual ISU adult competition in Oberstdorf at 2011.